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Make a Financial Contribution

Get Ready Hawai‘i is proud to do the work we do with the Children and Youth of West Hawai‘i, however we can only continue to do this work with the support of that same community. Click below to make a financial contribution that helps us to serve those in need. A $10 donation buys a child in need a meal; a $25 donation buys a child in need a backpack of school supplies; a $60 donation buys a child in need a new pair of athletic shoes; a $450 donation buys a youth getting ready for college a new laptop; a $30,000 donation hires a youth programs specialist for a year.
Click the link below if you would like to make a credit card donation to help us continue the invaluable programs of Get Ready Hawai‘i. You can also make a donation by mail to:
Get Ready Hawai‘i
PO Box 9041
Kailua-Kona, HI 96745
We welcome donors who would like to discuss estate donations or major sponsorship of one or more of our programs. Should you have such an interest, please email us directly at